01 September 2011

Funny Cartoon Video - Oscar Oasis

Sometimes we get bored with our daily activities, which are always just that we do. As a blogger on the internet, sometimes I also feel tired just reading and writing articles for my blog. Or maybe there is no good content for me to develop. That's why I tried to find funny videos on youtube as an alternative.

The above is one of the benefits of alternative browsing youtube to relieve my boredom in the surf. Video tutorials and funny is my favorite content.

One of the funniest videos for me is Oscar Oasis. Oscar Oasis is a cartoon that is not just for children only, but even adults will laugh when watching the movie. Various types of animals such as lizards, birds, chickens, and other heyna complement their funny behavior on the internet and local tv.

Here's one of my movie oscar oasis embeded from youtube.

What do you think about the video? Or you want to recommend me to others, especially cartoons funny videos?